How online sports gambling legal came into existence

How online sports gambling legal came into existence

The debate on legalizing sports betting in New Jersey began in November 2011. Voters advocating for the activity passed a referendum instructing the state legislature to make sports betting legal. The legislature did not hesitate to pass the bill to regulate sports betting in Atlantic City casinos. New Jersey was however challenged in court by the major sports league making it hard for sports betting to become legal in New Jersey. Though the Supreme Court had refused to listen to their case, New Jersey voters did not give up since they appealed but lost again. By May 2018, the Supreme Court heard them again and legalized sports betting in the region. It means that you can now practice legal gambling from New Jersey betting sites.

Participate in legal online gambling from the following areas

States legal gambling has become the norm today. Many states consider legal gambling as a recreational activity that benefits not only individuals but also the economy at large. In the US, you can participate in different forms of gambling from various regions. Let us look at the states that allow legal gambling and what forms they offer.

  • Delaware

This was the first state that made online gambling legal in the US in 2012. If you are in the region, you can wager from sites such as Delaware Park, Harrington Raceway and Dover Downs.

  • Pennsylvania

This region offers different forms of gambling including online casinos, online Poker, and online sports betting. The region legalized casinos in 2017. According to the law, 13 operators can apply for different licenses to provide customers with table games, slots, and online poker.

  • New Jersey

The state is a top leader when it comes to online gambling in the US. Since it legalized gambling in 2013, you can participate in different forms of gambling from regulated casinos within Atlantic City. The state facilitates online casinos that offer different games and give room for sports betting fans.