Is Online Gambling Legal in New Jersey

Short answer: Yes. Online gambling is legal in New Jersey. No, a little history of gambling in the US. A little over 10 years ago, Nevada was the gambling capital of the US. In some respects it still is, but there has a lot more competition from other states over the decade, with New Jersey being one of them. Actually, NJ is one of the few states to legalize both online and offline gambling as well as sports betting.

The Impact of Legal Online Gambling

Naturally, the legalizing of online and offline was praised and condemned equally, with supporters seeing it as a way of regulating an industry that was likely to get out of control and also raising revenue for both federal and state governments. More revenue meant more investment in the state and so residents would reap these benefits. The ones against saw it as a way of encouraging youth and others to gamble away, in the process worsening the already creeping habit of excessive gambling and addiction. Has legalization made things worse in NJ? Well, revenue from this industry is impressively high but there are casualties along the way – more gambling addicts than before – but that was a foreseen risk.

The Future of Online Gambling in NJ

With the introduction of legal online sports gambling in the state, there is truly no stopping the movement. More people are expected to get into gambling and especially given that sports betting nets football, tennis, soccer, basketball fans and even motorcycle enthusiasts. With sports gambling, you will need to keep tabs on what is happening in real time.

While there are quite a number of legal casinos in NJ, some including Golden Nugget, Tropicana, Borgata, and SugarHouse, there are also a number of upcoming sportsbooks and they all have their unique strategies of staying in business.