Legal Gambling New Jersey

Gambling, whether it’s poker, slot games or horse race wagering has had a diverse history among the US states. As they’ve been developed during several decades, our modern gambling regulation is complex and varies depending on the state. Not so long ago, Nevada was the only state where casino gambling was accepted. Today, some forms of gambling are allowed in numerous states, but each state has its own laws regarding the gaming industry. For example, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Utah are pretty restrictive when it comes to gambling, while New Jersey is more permissive.

Furthermore, not all casino games are treated equally across the US. Thus, because there are different laws for different games in each state, you should read the regulation before starting to play online or in a land-based casino.

Legal Gambling in New Jersey

New Jersey is amongst the most gambling-friendly states in the US, having a long casino gaming law history. From fighting for acceptance in the case of Sports Betting to the online gambling legal changes which have permitted poker and casino games playing via the internet, New Jersey is the American home of gambling’s bright future.

With the expansion of online gambling, New Jersey takes a leading role when it comes to the online casino world. Even so, not any website from New Jersey that we find is trustworthy, so before jumping into the game, you can check on this list of legal casino websites in New Jersey.

Forms of Gambling Currently Legal in New Jersey

As we said before, New Jersey is a really gambling-friendly state, but before starting to play a game online or in a land-based casino, you should take this into consideration:

Online Casinos – Try

Don’t worry, online casino games are legal since 2013. All you have to be careful about is not being fooled by weird online casino websites. Before you sign up, read all the information about the payment system, certification details and make sure you look up some reviews.

Live Poker

In New Jersey, you can enjoy social poker games and play at poker rooms in casinos. If you are a big fan of poker, you can even attend tournaments for professional players.

Lottery Betting

Lottery Betting is legal in New Jersey since 1970. So, if you feel lucky, go for it anytime!

Bingo Games – Try Online Bingo

Yes, there is no restriction regarding bingo games in New Jersey. So, feel free to play it, whether it’s online or in a traditional casino.

Sports Betting

With regards to sports betting, there is a legal dispute whether it should become completely legal or not. New Jersey is fighting for legalizing Sports Betting the same as Nevada did, and is facing resistance from professional sports leagues.