Licensed Casinos in New Jersey

With tons of online gambling websites out there and casino games pop-ups that follow you everywhere on the internet, it is very difficult to spot the ones that you cannot trust. Luckily, you don’t have to. We take care of it, providing you advice, news, and tips on how to pick the licensed casinos in New Jersey.  So, let’s start with the basics. Before doing anything else, we recommend you to read this list of aspect you should take care of if you want to make sure you are on a licensed casino.

Player Requirements

Before checking the casino, make sure YOU are ok and ready to play. The requirements for online gamblers in New Jersey should be the same on every online casino:

  • The minimum age to create an account in New Jersey is 21. The same thing goes for land- based casinos.
  • You have to be physically located in the state of New Jersey to be able to access online casino sites. If a site is said to be from NJ and you can play games outside the state borders, you should consider signing out, deleting your account and find a safe online casino.

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  • You don’t have to be a resident of NJ to open an online casino account. But once you leave the state, you will no longer have access to the licensed casino site. So, gamble as much as you can while you’re here!
  • A safe online casino website has a partnership with tech companies that use advanced methods to identify your location and to assure you are who you say you are.


The first thing to check out before opening an online gambling account is the license. Even if you always “agree” with terms and conditions, when it comes to online casino is better to read them carefully. But before digging any deeper, check this casino reviews website. Search for your casino and see if you find it on the “fine selection” list or in the illegal casinos list. You can also read the latest new in the online casino news, maybe you’ll find something that suits you.

The Payment Systems

Deposits and withdrawals are two essential aspects that ensure a safe and pleasant casino playing experience. Check the available payment methods as well as withdrawal options and processing times. If they don’t say anything about banking system on the website, you better find one that does.

Customer Support

In case you face a problem or you need advice about a certain game you wanna play, it’s good to have at least an e-mail address you can contact them on.

Whether you wanna play slots, roulette, poker or blackjack, it is important to check the licensed Casinos in New Jersey first. After that, you can safely enjoy your experience!

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