The Benefits of Legal Online Casinos in New Jersey

New Jersey is undoubtedly one of the most popular states in the US when it comes to the casino gaming industry. Nowadays, this is especially true as the home of the Atlantic City has made online casino legal for the first time in 2011.

Apart from the entertainment offered by the variety of games we now enjoy, here are three main benefits of the regulation of online gambling in New Jersey:

1. Tax Revenue

The first aim online casinos are achieving for New Jersey is generating tax revenue. At the end of 2016, legal online casino websites in New Jersey had brought more than $80 million dollars in tax revenue for the state.  For example, online poker has represented a great economical boom for the state’s economy, producing over $150 million in revenue throughout the past few years.

2. Land-based Casinos Support

Another advantage that comes once with legalizing the online casinos in New Jersey is that virtual gambling supports the land-based casinos. Gamblers know that the gaming business in the “Vegas of the east coast” risked a downfall during the recent years. In 2012, New Jersey fell from the second position down to the third in the United States in terms of gaming revenue, being replaced by Pennsylvania.

Since 2006, land-based casino revenue in the Atlantic City has fallen down by 50 percent. Alongside the development of online gambling, the casino industry regained its economic growth. At the moment, online gambling websites generate tons of money in revenue, giving Atlantic City gambling hot spot a new way to reach visitors. Online Casino websites promote the region and increase turism.

3. Safety

The legal status of online gambling in New Jersey helps casino players have a safe and secure gambling experience. With NJ regulations for casino websites, the payment and the personal information of players are guaranteed. There are a lot of online casinos out there, and many of them function illegally. There are many cases when illegal offshore gambling sites have fooled American customers and have stolen tons of money from them.

If you had second thoughts about playing casino games online, maybe now that you know how they help you can have fun without worrying.

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