The laws regarding sports gambling in the US

The laws regarding sports gambling in the US

Legal online gambling comes in different forms, and sports betting is not a new phenomenon. In the US, the law does not prohibit people from sports gambling. Each state, however, has its specific rules on sports gambling. If this is the kind of gambling you prefer, you should understand the laws of your state before you start betting. While some of the states in the US allow you to sports bet from a mobile or online platform, others demand that you place bets from a land-based casino. If you choose to use a smartphone app to bet on sports, the provider has to verify your location to confirm that you are within a legal betting region before you state wagering. You cannot proceed if you are outside legal boundaries.

Where can you find online sports gambling legal sites in the US?

Various states facilitate this form of legal online gambling. Here are a few sports betting sites in different regions around the US where you can engage in the activity without restrictions.

  • New Jersey

Sports betting in the region was introduced in June 2018. By August the same year, DraftKings Sportsbook was launched. You can also engage in sports betting from FanDuel Sportsbook. This provides you with a mobile app that increases convenience for gamblers. New Jersey has a total of 13 sports betting apps for fans.

  • Nevada

A lot of casinos in Nevada have sports betting platforms that allow you to wager from any area within the state. For you to participate in legal online gambling in Nevada, you have to open an account with a physical casino and deposit at least $ 50 to the account.

  • West Virginia

You can also wager on sports from two public sportsbooks in West Virginia. By Dec 2018, they added a new betting site that allows you to wager via mobile.