Types of Blackjack

Nowadays, technology has reached an unbelievable level, finding its utility in 99% of human activity. Being able to discover new things has led to creating new things. This was also the case of gambling. There is a great variety of games you can choose from, starting with card games and finishing with slots. Let’s take as an example the case of blackjack. When speaking about it, little no that there are more versions of this game. We all know the classic one, but have you heard about the Atlantic City Blackjack?


About Atlantic City Blackjack


It is considered to be a more extravagant version of the classic game. The rules stay mainly the same. The first different aspect that you can remark is given by the number of decks needed for the game. While in the classic version you only need one deck of cards, Atlantic City Blackjack requires eight decks. As you might have guessed, you have to beat the dealer in order to win. First, as soon as the two cards has been dealt, the dealer has to check whether he scores 21 point or not. If he does, he instantly wins. But you can still get your insurance back.


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